As we redesigned our museum over the past winter and spring, we came face-to-face with the reality that our wood-and-glass display cases are historic and lovely to look at, but awkward, heavy, and nearly impossible to move. Enter volunteer George Deans, who offered to build platforms with casters under three of our large display cases. The display cases now glide easily, greatly facilitating cleaning, (future) painting in the room, and setting up exhibits. George also turned a bookcase into portable shelving, improved the base of the North Sullivan Post Office, and made a new undercarriage on wheels for the headstone of town father, Daniel Sullivan. Captain Sullivan is on the roll again!

We also want to recognize volunteer, Eben Lenfest, who assisted George with some of the heavy lifting and generously donated several more hours to help Raina, Island Institute Fellow, whenever she desperately needed another pair of hands in the museum.

Our heartfelt thanks to George and Eben for their time, talent, humor, and strong backs that helped us get to opening day!