The Paul Urann House 

Paul Urann Genealogy

Paul Urann, son of John and Phoebe Davis Urann, was born about 1778. He married first Mary (Molly, Polly) Welch on October 23, 1798. They had one child, Samuel, who was born in 1799. The 1860 Federal Census lists Samuel’s age as 58. While Paul originally owned land on Waukeag Neck (Sorrento), he later moved to lot #61 in Sullivan Harbor.  This property was sold to him by the Town of Sullivan Selectmen on March 8, 1804. Paul was in the lumber business. He died on September 11, 1855, at age 77 years. He is buried in York Hill Cemetery, in Sullivan Harbor, with Mary (Polly), his wife.

Samuel Urann, born December 11, 1799,  married Abigail Wooster on December 30, 1822. She was the daughter of William and Hannah (Bragdon) of Franklin. In deeds, Samuel is referred to as “Capt. Samuel Uran.” He was master of the schooner Seven Sisters in 1832, the Orion in 1852, and the E.W. Connor in 1857. The E.W. Connor was built in Sullivan Harbor. He and Abigail had seven children who lived: Benjamin Franklin, Maria Jane, Mary Louisa, Joseph H., Samuel Leonard, and Charles Edgar. Alanson, their son, died in April 21, 1832. Abigail died on December 7, 1859, and is buried at York Hill Cemetery. Samuel then married Mahala (Johnson) Preble, the widow of Ebenezer Preble, on September 7, 1860.

In the Federal Census of 1870, Samuel Urann, now 70 years old, is listed as a farmer. Mahala, 52 years, is “keeping house.” In the house is also George Lapham, a millwright (this may be George Lynam who married Samuel’s daughter Georgianna in 1872). In 1880, the Census reports that Mahala, now 42, and listed as a “farmer,” and her daughter, Clara are living in the house. Capt. Samuel Urann died on May 7, 1880. He, too, is buried in York Hill Cemetery.

Samuel’s Children:

  1. Benjamin Franklin, born September 22, 1823, who married Temperance Stratton of Hancock, was a carpenter, and had two children, Hattie E. and Frank W. The 1870 U.S. Census lists a Frank Urann, a ship’s carpenter, 45, living with his wife, Temperance, 39, in Sullivan Harbor, with their children, Nellie, 17, and Franklin, 13. The Sullivan Weekly Bulletin of September 24, 1881, reported that, “…Mr. Frank Urann and family have moved away from Sullivan and will reside in Salem.” Franklin, who apparently preferred his middle name, died on June 10, 1904, at 80 years, in Salem, Massachusetts, as a widower. The Federal Census of 1900 for Salem, MA lists Franklin, Temperance, their son, Franklin, 37, single, and Nellie, 20, single, as living together. Benjamin Franklin was buried in Greenlawn Cemetery in Salem.

Apparently, he and Temperance had three children, one recorded incorrectly in the 1870 Census as Hattie:

  • Nellie I., born in Sullivan, married Fred E. Bigelow of Ashland, MA, on November 14, 1904, in Salem. (Nellie was the biological child of Temperance’s sister, Ellen Stratton, who died shortly after her birth). Both bookkeepers, Fred died in 1929. Nellie is found in 1943 housekeeping in Danvers. There were no children.
  •  Frank W. married Alice N. Sharp Chester, in Lynn, MA, on June 6, 1906. Frank, a teamster, is last found in Salem, living alone in his own home in 1912. His wife is found in the 1920 U.S. Census in Pasadena where she is a waitress.
  •  Harriet Elizabeth married W. Joseph (or Joseph W.) Felt, age 32, of Salem on July 12, 1896, in Boston. Harriet and Warren Joseph Felt continued to live in Salem, next door to Temperance and Franklin. She died in 1922, and he was listed in the Federal Census of 1940 as still living in Salem at the age of 77.  They had no children.

2.  Maria Jane (Jane), born August 23, 1826, married John Upton Hill July 7, 1853. They lived next door to her father. He is listed in census information as a farmer, and later as a duty collector.  They had one daughter, Lizzie, born June 27, 1855. She later married Charles Allen, an “engineer.”  Lizzie Allen died January 9, 1895, and is buried at York Hill. Her husband Charles, who married Belle Wilson after her death, is also buried there. Lizzie and Charles had one daughter, Ruth, born November 27, 1892.  She married Elwood Wilbur of Sorrento, her fifth cousin, son of Linley Wilbur and Grace Maud Urann, daughter of Morton and Chestina Urann on September 7, 1920. Elwood, an engineer for Standard Oil, was known to be living with Ruth in Seattle, Washington in 1921. Ruth and Elwood had a child, Carl A. Wilbur, born in 1923 in Turkey, and a daughter, Dorothy, born in 1902. Dorothy married Alexander Steel, a merchant. They lived in Glen Spey, Steep Falls, New York, until their deaths. Dorothy died in 1978. The Steels had one daughter, Laura, who died in childhood.  In 1880, George, a son of Jane’s brother Joseph was living in the Hill household also. Jane Urann Hill died on December 21, 1887, in Sullivan. She is buried in the Urann lot in York Hill. Elwood Wilbur died in 1978 in a community in Sullivan County, New York in 1978.

  • Carl Allen Wilbur the son of Elwood and Ruth Allen Wilbur, married Charlotte Rice, of New York, in 1947. They had three children–David Elwood, who married Sue Beaver and resides in West Virginia, Stephen Linley who married Patricia Anderson in 1979. They had a daughter, Adrienne-Marie, who married Jeffrey Wilson of S. Portland in 2003, and a son, Allen T. who lived in Steep Falls, New York. Stephen and Patricia divorced in 2005. Stephen moved back to the Sullivan-Gouldsboro area and died in a car fire in Gouldsboro, also in 2005. Carl and Charlotte’s third son is Thomas Allen who married Cynthia Langley, also in 1979. Thomas later married Dianne Pearce of New York. They reside in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Thomas and Cynthia’s children are Eliza Langley Wilbur, Diane Marie, and Stephen Langley. Carl Wilbur died on September 20, 1982, at age 60. Charlotte presently (2013) lives in Scarborough.

3) Mary Louise, born May 2, 1829, married Winslow White, a carpenter, of Salem, Massachusetts.  They had three children. Nicholson F. was born in 1856. He was living at home, at age 14 in the US Census of 1870, Carrie Phosa, born August 21, 1859 and Prentis, who died in 1871 in Salem. Carrie was 20 years old in 1880, and was working as a clerk in a store. Mary Louisa died on the 30 of November in 1888. Winslow died shortly after on November 29, 1888.

Carry/Carrie (Caroline) Phosa White married William E. Crocker of Salem on October 16, 1884.  They had three children, all of whom were born in Yarmouth, MA:

  • Ray W., 1886-1973, was married to Dorothy. Their daughter, Janet W. was born in 1921.  They lived in Marblehead, MA in 1920, 1930, and in 1940 when Janet was 19 years old.
  • Ralph, born in 1889, married Mildred. Their children were Denton W., born in 1920 in Swampscott, MA., and June M., born in 1926.  Denton lived to be 93 yrs. old when he died in 2012. He was a veteran of World War II.
  • Edith M. was born in 1898. In the 1930 US Census, she is residing in Marblehead, MA, single and living with her father.

4) Joseph  H. Urann was born on July 18, 1833. He married Mary Carr Bean, daughter of Theodore and Cynthia Cole (Brown). He lived on the other side of his father, Samuel. He was a master mariner and captained the Everglade, a Sullivan Harbor schooner, in 1865. He had two sons, Henry E., born about 1856, and George E., born around 1866. On March 30, 1870, Mary died and was buried in York Hill.

  • Henry E. married Elizabeth Batchelder on May 31, 1881, and they lived in Reading, Massachusetts. It appears he had one child, Helen Beatrice Urann, who lived from 1882 to 1903. In 1910, Henry lived in Boston with his wife, Helen W. In 1910, he continued to live in Boston as a widower.
  • George E. moved to Quincy, Massachusetts, and in 1910, is found with his wife, Ida M. and two children, Earnest Walter and Ethel M. Urann. Earnest, who was born in 1901, died in Quincy in September, 1979. It is difficult to find any information on Ethel, but Social Security records list her death as February 1982. Apparently she never married. Joseph H. died in Pearsalle, Long Island, New York, of heart trouble on February 19, 1891.

5)  Samuel Leonard, born on August 7, 1836, died at age 21 at sea on February 5, 1858.

6)  Georgianna, born on April 28 in 1839 married George Chilcott Lynam in Salem, Massachusetts on December 17, 1872. He was the son of William and Hannah (Tracey), and was born in Eden.  They lived in Sullivan Harbor, close to the Paul Urann house.  Georgianna (Georgia) died August 23, 1925. She is buried in the Urann lots in York Hill Cemetery.

7)  Charles Edgar, born May 21, 1843, was a member of Company C, 11th Maine. He was killed at Deep Bottom, Virginia on August 14, 1864. His name, service and death dates are on the Urann memorial in York Hill.

Grandchildren of Samuel Urann:

  • Nellie E. Urann Bigelow, daughter of Benjamin Franklin Urann and Temperance Stratton
  • Frank W. Urann, son of Benjamin Franklin Urann and Temperance Stratton
  • H. Elizabeth Felt, daughter of Benjamin Franklin and Temperance Stratton
  • Lizzie Urann Allen, daughter of Mary Jane Urann and John U. Hill
  • Nicolson  White, son of Mary Louisa Urann and Winslow White
  • Prentis White, son of Mary Louisa and Winslow White
  • Caroline White Crocker, daughter of Mary Louisa Urann and Winslow White
  • Henry E. Urann, son of Joseph H. Urann and Mary Bean
  • George E., son of Joseph H. Urann and Mary Bean

Great Grandchildren of Samuel Urann:

  • Ray W. Crocker, 1886 –  , Ralph Crocker, 1889-  , Edith M. Crocker, 1898-  , children of Caroline Phosa White and William E. Crocker
  • Helen Beatrice Urann, daughter of Henry E. Urann and Elizabeth Batchelder
  • Earnest E. Urann, son of George E. Urann and Ida M.
  • Ethel M. Urann, daughter of George E. Urann and Ida M.
  • Ruth Allen Wilbur, daughter of Lizzie Hill and Charles Allen

Great, Great Grandchildren of Samuel Urann:

  • Denton W. Crocker, son of Ralph and Mildred Crocker, Swampscot, 1930, Denton 8/12 yrs. old
  • Dorothy W. Crocker, daughter of Raymond W. and Dorothy Crocker, Marblehead, MA, 1930, Janet 8 yrs. old
  • Carl A. Wilbur, son of Ruth Allen Wilbur and Elwood Wilbur
  • Dorothy E. Wilbur Steel, daughter of Ruth Allen Wilbur and Elwood Wilbur

Great, Great, Great Grandchildren of Samuel Urann

  • Thomas Wilbur, son of Carl A. and Charlotte Wilbur
  • Stephen Linley Wilbur, son of Carl A. and Charlotte Wilbur
  • David Elwood Wilbur, son of Carl A. and Charlotte Wilbur

Great, Great, Great, Great Grandchildren of Samuel Urann

  • Eliza Langley Wilbur, daughter of Thomas A. and Cynthia L. Wilbur
  • Stephen, son of Thomas A. and Cynthia L. Wilbur
  • Diane Marie, daughter of Thomas A. and Cynthia L. Wilbur
  • Adrienne Wilbur Wilson, daughter of Stephen L. and Patricia Anderson Wilbur