Past Programs 

May 11, 2022–Dressing Garments: The Creation of Form

In this program, guest speaker Vivian Cunningham of the Maine College of Art and Design and the Maine Historical Society will share their experience working with textile collections. Vivian will show the behind-the-scenes creation of stable forms that bring the garments to life, alongside the challenges and successes that follow dressing historical clothing.

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March 16, 2022–Sorrento for Sale: The 1927 Land Auction

In 1927, large portions of land formerly owned by Frank Jones in Sorrento were put up for auction. A real estate investor from Harlem in NYC named John Nail made the winning bid on the property. Join Sam Younger as he provides the story about this important bit of Black History and Sorrento. For more of Sam Younger’s research about Sullivan and Sorrento history, visit

February 16, 2022–Wabanaki-European Relations in Downeast Maine, 1500-1790: Todd Little-Siebold explored the seventeenth and eighteenth century history of the region to foreground Wabanaki power and diplomatic success over time, how Wabanaki and French habitant, or settlers, lived side-by-side for one-hundred years, and how that history contrasted dramatically with the experiences of Wabanaki people after English settlement.  


Resources shared by attendees during the program:

Our Beloved Kin, Lisa Brooks
French & Indian Wars in Maine – Michael Dekker
The Many Captivities of Esther Wheelwright
The French at Pentagoet 1635 – 1674 – Alaric and Gretchen Faulker

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The State of Maine Legislature
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Additional Resources:
Wabanaki Reach
Passamaquoddy People


January 26, 2022–Stories of the Sea: Sullivan Ships and Shipmasters: Alan Gray shared a selection of stories of Sullivan and Sorrento’s maritime past.


November 17, 2021–Heirlooms Reunited: Bringing Lost Heirlooms to Light. This program led by Pam Beveridge examined several old manuscript items from Sullivan’s past, including a Gordon family Bible and an issue of the Sullivan Weekly Bulletin. * This program was not a formal presentation.* 

April 28, 2021–Sorrento History: The Summer Resort and Doane’s Point. The program by Sam Younger covered the history leading up to the founding of the resort of Sorrento in the 1880s and the history of Doane’s Point.

March 24, 2021–Statehood Achieved: The Sullivan Story. Jeanne Edwards spoke about the Town of Sullivan’s role in Maine’s journey towards and achievement of statehood in 1820.

February 24, 2021–A Tour Through Time: History of Sullivan & Sorrento in Old Photos. Gary Edwards guided the audience through a history of our towns through the lens of historic photos from our collection, followed by a lively discussion (not included in the recording).